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Edwooger Fischer Heitmann almost 8 years ago
Another childhood favourite. I love the randomness and how he gets a tan at the very end.
Dylan Clites almost 8 years ago
I would love to see the finished project, because what we got was unbelievable.
Kes Wuffs 8 years ago
This says the Recobbled Cut, which isn't on Netflix, but is on youtube, and is far better.
Hannah Proctor 8 years ago
There are no words.
Nathaniel Spencer over 2 years ago
Alexis Zofia Kubicki almost 4 years ago
Brandon Porter over 6 years ago
Marissa Chang over 6 years ago
Matthew Paul over 6 years ago
Nicole Johnson almost 7 years ago
Madison Ford 7 years ago
Melissa McCleary over 7 years ago
Amanda Nicole Walton over 7 years ago
Tony Smith over 7 years ago
Isabelle Woodward over 7 years ago
Mei Yang over 7 years ago
Lexi Brock over 7 years ago
The Thief and the Cobbler is an animated feature film, famous for its animation and its long, troubled history. The film was conceived by Canadian animator Richard Williams, who worked 28 years on the project. Beginning production in 1964, Williams intended The Thief and the Cobbler to be his masterpiece, and a milestone in the art of animation. Due to independent funding and its complex animation, The Thief and the Cobbler was in and out of production for over two decades, until Williams, buoyed by his success as animation director on Who Framed Roger Rabbit, signed a deal in 1990 to have Warner Bros. finance and distribute the film. This deal fell through when Williams was unable to complete the film on time. As Warner Bros. subsequently pulled out, The Completion Bond Company assumed control of The Thief and the Cobbler and had it finished by producer Fred Calvert without Williams. In the process, Calvert completely re-edited the film, removing many of Williams' scenes and adding...
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